Medicross laboratories is a GMP and GLP certified company. The firm follows Good Manufacturing Practice which is mentioned under the provisions of Revised Schedule Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945. The firm is having well equipped Quality Control Laboratories or testing of drugs. Company is following Good Laboratory Practices, as mentioned under the provision “Schedule L-1” of drugs and cosmetics Rules 1940.

Baddiis India's largest pharmaceutical hub. There are thousands of drugs manufacturingcompanies are working in Baddi. In this condition it becomes very difficult for the drug marketing company to choose a best one. Here, Medicross Laboratories arrives to ensure the quality of drugs. We do not only invest in good manufacturing practices but we also deliver manufactured drugs within the promised time.

We believe that quality and affordable drugs will maintain a good health of human being that will lead to good economic opportunities for them. According to National Health Profile (NHP)cost of treatment has been on the rise in India. India’s per capita public expenditure on health has increased from Rs 621 per person in 2009-10 to Rs1,657 in2017-18. Quality, affordability & accessibility of drugs can reduce the overall health expenditure.

Medicross Laboratories manufactures a variety of drugs including antibiotics, food supplements, Ayurvedic, general physician drugs. Tablet, capsules, Syrup, dry syrup, Injection and different types of packaging are available at our manufacturing site.

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